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WNY Ice Sculptures

About WNY-Ice

Proprietor – John Matwijkow

The mission of Unique Culinary Concepts/WNY-Ice is to be a business that supplies quality ice sculptures for clients’ needs in Western New York, and to be a strong supporter of all aspects of Culinary Arts


Ice Sculpture - Assembly - 1

Ice Sculpture Assembly - 2

I originally established Unique Culinary Concepts as a small innovative catering operation in 1994, which then turned into an ice sculpting business in 2002 (wny-ice.com). I still cater for small events occasionally, but now concentrate my energy towards designing ice sculptures. Ice sculptures have evolved to a higher level since “1990,” and these days some chefs do not have the time as they once had to produce intricate ice sculptures. I noticed this change and wanted to help my culinary community of Western New York. I now supply local clubs, hotels and banquet facilities with ice products so that the chefs at these businesses could concentrate on operating procedures. Click for a partial client list.


My ice sculpting abilities began in 1988 and have evolved from many local and national chefs that I have had the chance to meet and work with. These opportunities were my foundation to explore the culinary art of ice sculpting. I have since developed and redeveloped procedures and processes of working with such a fragile medium and it has been educational at many stages. I believe in using various ice sculpting techniques to design the best possible sculpture a client can request. I appreciate the challenges that clients approach me with such as: 3-Dimensional sculptures, multi-color logos, ice-bars, and various intricate ideas.


Ice sculpting, as like many art mediums, is not only an art but a science. The Artist needs to comprehend how their medium will act and react in many different environments, at the same time give the audience a structure that they will be in awe with. The passion for my work stems from the numerous ideas that ice could be applied to. I appreciate the fact that I could use my medium with a three-dimensional format, paint a logo with color gelatin, or take photography and apply it in the ice for an incredible effect. Please take some time and discover these unique styles on the Product-Gallery page.


I am asked numerous times about how long it takes to make an ice sculpture? My answer is; I am finished when I hear the client’s appreciation for the finish product. All sculptures will take different amounts of time to produce, depending on the amount of ice that is used and the intricacies of the design. I assist each client through the arrangement of the ice design, discuss the set-up with the client & their banquet coordinator and then follow up with an after event contact to be assured the client was satisfied and delighted with their product. To learn more about ice sculpting please check out the Clients-FAQ page.


Thank you for visiting this web site. I look forward to hearing from new clients and/or comments from all visitors. To get in touch with me please feel free to Call 716.574.0209, E-mail, or fill out my Contact Us form.