Frank Lloyd Wright Garden Sprite at Darwin Martin House


WNY Clients Include:


The Buffalo Club


Park Country Club


Brookfield Country Club


Country Club of Buffalo


Transit Valley Country Club


The Seneca Niagara Casino


River Oaks Golf Club


Niagara Frontier Golf Club


The 20th Century Club


Erie Community College


Buffalo State College


The Statler Ballroom


The Hyatt Regency Buffalo


Delaware North Companies Sportservice Inc.


Beechwood/Blocher Foundation


Holiday Valley Ski Resort


Western New York Restaurants

and Banquet Facilities

Frequently Asked Questions About Ice Sculpting


What type of equipment is used for sculpting ice?


Ice carvers use many different types of tools. I use both hand tools and power tools, including: chain saws, die grinders, small rotary tools, angle grinders, chisels, heat plates, and levels.


How is the ice sculpture displayed?


Ice sculptures need to be displayed in a unit called a glow-tray. This unit has a light box base, which shines up through the ice carving. A clear plastic tray sits on top of the light unit and the carving is placed in that tray. A drainage tube carries the excess water build up away from the carving. The use of this display equipment is included in the price of the ice carving.


How big is a full block of ice before starting a sculpture?


A raw block of ice typically has dimensions of: 40” height x 20” width x 10” depth and weighs 300lbs.


How did you get into the ice sculpting business?


I noticed that the local market had a shortage of ice entrepreneurs. Local chefs don’t have the time like they once did to spend the time on ice; they are busy overseeing day to day operations.


How is the price determined for each ice carving?


Ice sculptures are designed for each personalized event. I have base price structures that are adjusted to the client’s specifics. These base structures are priced accordingly depending on the size and difficulty. Please Call 716.574.0209 or e-mail for a price estimate.


Where do you get the ice from?


I buy ice direct form “Ice is Nice” which is located in Arcade, NY. The ice is specially manufactured using a “clinebell" system.


How is the ice so clear?


"Ice is Nice" uses a system that agitates the water with circulating pumps which dissipates the oxygen bubbles out of the ice. It takes 3 days to develop one 300 pound block of ice.


How long does an ice sculpture last?


This depends upon temperature, direct lighting and humidity. On average, in a temperature zone between 68-72oF and low humidity, ice will melt an eighth of an inch on each side per hour.


How much time does an ice carving take to produce?


Each ice project depends on the degree of difficulty, amount of components and detail of the sculpture. Unique Culinary Concepts starts a project at the moment a client contacts us and finishes when the client states their appreciation of the project after the event. Some projects take 3 hours, while other projects could take up to 15 hours. I also perform ice sculpting demonstrations in an hour format for exhibitions. Please Call 716.574.0209 or e-mail for more information on an exhibition.


If you have any further questions, please Call 716.574.0209 or e-mail.