Featured Ice Sculptures From Recent Weeks:


NHL Winter CLassic 2008 Event at Ralph Wilson Stadium, Orchard Park, NY - 01/01/2008

NHL Winter Classic Event
- 01/01/08 -
Ralph Wilson Stadium
Orchard Park, NY


Explore Buffalo Niagara - Warren Buffet Event


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Ice Sculptures are individual, but one of the best ways to get ideas for your Ice Scuplture is to scan the gallery below, either by scrolling or by clicking on a specific category. Click on an image for a larger picture.


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Seafood / Food Displays

Martini Luges

3-D & Unique Sculptures

Large Projects / Ice Bars

Logos - Corporate

Logos - Personalized

Logos - Sports

Pedestals / Columns

Seafood / Food Displays:

Seafood Ice Sculpture - 1

Seafood Ice Sculpture - 2

Seafood Ice Sculpture - 3

Seafood Ice Sculpture - 4

Seafood Ice Sculpture - 5

Pedestal Tray
- Colored Logo

Shrimp Chute

Caviar Display

Pedestal Tray
- Plain Logo

Tower Pedestal
- Double Trays


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Martini Luges:

Luges Ice Sculpture -1

Luges Ice Sculpture -2

Luges Ice Sculpture -3

Luges Ice Sculpture -4

Luges Ice Sculpture -5

Double-sided Luge
- Plain Color

Upright Luge
- Plain Color

Upright Luge
- Colored Logo

Double-sided Luge
- With Photo

Cocktail Luge


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3-D & Unique Sculptures:

3D Ice Sculpture-1

3D Ice Sculpture-2

3D Ice Sculpture-3

3D Ice Sculpture-4

3D Ice Sculpture-5

"Buffalo Wings"

Hummer Dealer Opening

Statue Of Liberty

Invitation Golf Event

Holiday Theme







Frank Lloyd Wright
- Garden Sprite

Toasting Champagne

Easter Theme

Water Company



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Logos - Coporate:

Corporate Ice Sculptures-1

Corporate Ice Sculptures-2

Corporate Ice Sculptures-3

Corporate Ice Sculptures-4

Corporate Ice Sculptures-5

Various Corporate Logos


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Logos - Personalized:

Personalized Ice Sculptures-1

Personalized Ice Sculptures-2

Personalized Ice Sculptures-3

Personalized Ice Sculptures-4

Personalized Ice Sculptures-5

Tree Branch Pedestal With 2 Themes

Stool Pedestal With Unique Personal Idea

Holiday Theme

Bar Mitzvah

Remembrance Theme


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Logos - Sports:

Ice Sculptures Sports-1a

Ice Sculptures Sports-2

Ice Sculptures Sports - NHL Winter Classic 2008

Ice Sculptures Sports-8

Ice Sculptures Sports-5

Double Sports Logo

Buffalo Bills

NHL Winter Classic
- 01/01/08 -
Sabres vs Penguins

Buffalo Bills Alumni

Buffalo Sabres 2007 President's Trophy


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Pedestals / Columns:

Ice Sculptures Pedestals-1

Ice Sculptures Pedestals-2

Ice Sculptures Pedestals-3

Ice Sculptures Pedestals-4

Ice Sculptures Pedestals -5

Double Latice
Box Columns


Stool Pedestal

Tree Branch

Double Scroll


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Large Projects / Ice Bars:


Ice Sculpture - Ice Bars - 1

Ice Sculpture - Ice Bars - 2

Seafood Bar

Specialized Martini Bar With Photos


Ice Sculpture - Ice Bars - 3

Ice Sculpture - Ice Castle - 1

Martini Bar With Double Luge

Ice Castle In Delaware Park - Winterfest


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